Tekki Sandan

Translation:  “Iron Horse (Level III)”

# Moves:           36

Belt Level:        black



Tekki Sandan, the most advanced in the Tekki Series, is the most complex and difficult to master. It is also the most popular of the Tekki Series, because of its sharp and effective hand movements. Although very difficult to learn, great power can be generated through learning and developing alternative methods of using the hips.

Because of the dominance of kiba-dachi, and because of the lateral embusen, there is little opportunity to generate huge levels of power via the hips through big hip action. Therefore, the karateka is challenged to generate power through alternative means. Many Instructors place huge emphasis on hip vibration in these kata, and this is one concept that is both vital and effective to the Shotokan karateka, and through the study of these kata, the karateka will improve greatly.

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Some of the key moves are:

kiba dachi  – horse stance

koshi-kamae  – hands-on-hip posture

gedan furisute  – low forearm swing

uchi uke/gedan uke – Inside block/down block

zenwan-sokumen-gedan-uke – low forearm block to side (pushing block)




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