There are several stances in Shotokan karate which each student strives to master. They help us cover distance powerfully and efficiently, and are our platform from which to block and execute attacks. You will encounter several of these stances when practicing basics, and will learn new ones as you learn progressively more difficult katas. The basic stances are:

Yoi (ready position)

Zenkutsu dachi (Front stance)

Kiba dachi (Horse riding stance)

Kokutsu dachi (Back stance)

Heisoku dachi (Attention stance)

Kosa dachi (Crossing stance)

Tsuru-ashi dachi (Crane stance)

Neko-ashi dachi (Cat stance)

Fudo dachi (Rooted stance)

Hangetsu dachi (Half-moon stance)

Sanchin dachi (3 battles stance)

Hiza dachi (One knee stance)

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