Heian Nidan


Translation: Peaceful Mind (Level 2)


# Moves: 26

Belt Level:    

Sensei Kanazawa performing Heian Nidan


This kata is a very important kata, which builds upon the fundamentals introduced in Heian Shodan, while introducing new techniques. It is more demanding, both athletically and fundamentally, and is a great kata to increase your karate skills. Practice it often, because the concepts and movements show up frequently in higher katas. The representative movements of this kata are Haiwan uke and Shuto uke. The first motions teach the use of the hips, while developing the ability to execute more than one technique from the same position.

Things to note:

  • Before the side snap kick & back-fist, you MUST step half-way with your left foot.
  • There is lots of shuto-uke (knife-hand) in this kata. The key is to make full shuto (starting with the hand at your ear) and finishing with SNAP
  • Focus on learning gyaku hanmi (reverse hip). Think of your hip being ‘more than closed’, almost like it’s trying to go the opposite direction.

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Some of the Key Moves

Kokutsu dachi (back stance)

Shuto uke (knife hand block)

Nukite (spear hand strike)

Mae geri (front kick)

Haiwan uke (double hand block)

Uraken & Yoko geri keage (back fist & side snap kick)

Gyaku hanmi (reverse hip in front stance)


Additional Info

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