Tuesday nights are high performance training! Open Kumite and Kata class

Tip of the Spear
9243 – 50 St
Edmonton, AB

OCTOBER 18 -DEC 20, 2016
6:00pm  – 8:00pm
This training is for Brown and Black belts that are preparing for competition and testing. This training is going to challenge senior belts mentally and physically. This program will run till the holiday break and Sensei will see if we continue this in the New Year. Your feedback is welcome.


  1. All students must be Edmonton JKA or Karate Alberta Members
  2. Students must fill out a waiver
  3. Students must have all the WKF training gear (and mouth guard)
  4. All students will pay $10 drop in fee, or make payment arrangements with Sensei
  5. This is a small space, so first come first serve